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by Greta McNebb


“…I honestly don’t think I could have pulled it off without Greta’s event industry expertise! She had so much insight on many of the aspects of the big day that many often forget about because they are not as much fun to plan- like rentals, vendor management, food service, and the wedding day timeline. Her help alleviated so much of my stress and allowed me to focus on executing the more enjoyable and creative elements such as decor & flowers, wardrobe, and the overall vibe we wanted to create for our wedding day.

I also appreciated Greta’s willingness to work within our budget… I appreciated that she honored what was most important to my husband and I… She worked diligently on the day of, coordinating with Divya’s catering team and all of our vendors to make sure delivery and setup for our ceremony and reception went as smoothly as possible…In the end, it was such an incredible day and I am glad that we were able to execute it to perfection. We owe the perfect outcome completely to Greta. She really took care of everything and was so understanding throughout the entire process. I can’t recommend Nova Events enough to anyone looking to plan an event large or small!”

-Emily and Luke

                                                                                                                           – Emily and Luke

 “Working with Greta was an absolute dream and I really just cannot recommend her highly enough. Let her help you! Because you need the help, we all need the help! Weddings are a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing, and how on earth would you know what you’re doing?? Chances are you’ve never done this before. Greta was an angel and she helped us at every step along the way: from picking rentals, to recommending other vendors (all great), to even helping us find our venue, to (most importantly) being our day of coordinator...I would have completely lost my mind without her.”

                                                                      – Bridget and Ted


“Greta and her team were fabulous to work with. Planning a wedding is a very unique experience, and sometimes the number of options and decisions can be overwhelming. Greta helped every step of the way, providing advice whenever asked, but allowing our vision to shine through to the end. “

                    – Lauren and Andy


“Greta, who worked with us from start to finish, helped us plan and execute the most personal wedding–from helping us find the perfect space to setting everything from flower petals and champagne the day of. Greta walked with us through the entire process with a supreme professionalism that was always combined with incredible warmth and personal support …Thanks Greta!

                                                                                 – Meg and Rob 


“…Greta, who we chose as our wedding coordinator, and over the next 9 months, worked with us on our menu, rentals (she took us to the rental showroom), and the schedule of events. Even when we had last-minute adjustments, Greta made sure they were taken care of. A week before the wedding, Greta was coordinating with all of our other vendors, and made sure everyone was on track …Greta was fundamental in making our wedding perfect. She was truly “in her element” on the wedding day. She kept everything and everyone on track. She’s a true professional, and was very accommodating with any kind of questions or requests. She kept things calm, cool and collected.”


                       -Kathryn and Lee

NYC Wedding Planner and Event Design Management Greta McNebb and Nova Events Wedding


Greta was so great to work with throughout our planning process, and the day-of team was so fantastic even our guests commented on the quality of service (usually at weddings, I never even really notice staff members). They snuck food and drinks to me and my new husband during cocktail hour, so we were able to try everything.”


                                                            -Blair and Jonathan


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