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by Greta McNebb

NOVA MICRO WEDDINGS & Intimate Celebrations

Nova Micro Wedding Collection was born organically out of the desire couples had to proceed forward with their nuptial arrangements in a smaller circle (we couldn’t let Covid-19 get in the way of your love). 

We have curated an exclusive list of wedding industry pros, venues and services that would be delighted to help create an intimate and exceptional experience for you to cherish.

We are here to guide you and make sure we’re following all the safety guidelines and precautions to make your celebration happen effortlessly without worry. Furthermore, we’re always happy and open to take creative measures, wherever desired, to keep your guests safe.

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Nova Micro (Wedding)

A Micro Wedding is a smaller-scale, but just as chic celebration with a guest count of 50 or less. Micro Weddings still require many traditional wedding day elements like a venue, caterer, florals, music, the dress and/or the suit and more. With fewer guests, you still get to create an exquisite and personable event. The silver lining, you can splurge as much or as little as you want. The money you save can go toward few extra honeymoon days, hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests for the weekend, or put it towards a multi-course Michelin star meal and a band that will have you singing all night long. Nova Micro Weddings can be so many things, but one thing they will always be is a seamless, fun, and joyful reflection of you! 

Nova (Mini) Mony

A Mini-Mony (the marriage of mini and ceremony) is as simple, beautiful, intimate, and memorable as it sounds.  Mini-Monies are the purest form of a wedding because, unlike any other, we focus on the ceremony (location, florals, photographer, and more) so you can focus on the marriage and the promise that you are making to the person you love the most.  Every Mini-Mony will be a gorgeous reflection of your love and a symbol of the profound commitment you are making at that moment.  Let’s start planning your Mini-Mony today and create a beautiful list of memories to cherish and remember forever.

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