July 17, 2021

How to Keep Cool at Summer Events – An Expert’s Guide

Summer events are really in their own category of planning! Along with all the typical logistics and timeline planning, you’ve got to consider temperatures, guests, and all the details on keeping guests cool and comfortable throughout the event!

Today we’re sharing 4 tips that will help you keep your summer events nice and cool. This peak into our event knowledge is value-packed and sure to help your summertime event be a huge success!

Let’s get started!

Let Guests Know Waaaay In Advance

An outdoor event should never be a surprise. If you are hosting an outdoor event in the height of summer, start preparing your guests by letting them know what to expect at every contact point.

This can include save the dates, invitations, your event website, and even in conversations with guests as the event date approaches.

Bonus tip! Encourage a light-summery dress code in your invitations as well! Light materials, light & bright colors, maybe even hats for the ladies, etc. Have fun with it, but also it will do wonders to keep your guests from overheating.

Be Prepared to Invest in Cooling

Luckily, there are lots of options for cooling down summer events and great companies that can coordinate these solutions! Think fans, portable AC units and even misters!

Here is a great resource outlining the different types of cooling options and what kind of situations they’d be best for!

It will be an additional expense but consider it an investment in the happiness of you and your guests and the success of the day! No one is going to have the best time ever when they’re over-heated and miserable.

Stick to the Timeline for Summer Events

We’ll say it again: Stick to the timeline!!! Moving your event along is key to keeping guests circulating and preventing any unexpected delays in the heat. Being hot is already miserable, but being hot and waiting… unbearable!

An example of this is your ceremony start time! If the timeline says the ceremony begins at 6:05 PM, by golly, it should start at 6:05 PM! Do everything in your power to stick to the agenda and prevent any unnecessary downtime where guests might have to wait in the sun.

*Ahem* This is where a great coordinator or planner comes in. We’re experts in timelines and event flow and can assist you in moving your even along throughout the day. You’ll feel more much relaxed when you are allowed to simply enjoy the day instead of having to play director.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Keeping guests cool and hydrated is absolutely crucial during Summer Events. Adding in a drink station in addition to your bar is a great idea. This drink station should provide plenty of non-alcoholic options as alcohol can decrease the level of hydrating benefits someone guests from beverage.

Think fruit infused water, plain iced water, iced tea, or lemonade. Classic summer beverages that can cool you down and keep you going during a heat wave.

The Most Important Thing….

The most important thing you can do when planning a successful summertime event is just to think through each major element of your day with the heat in mind. Mentally walk through the big moments and think about the experience you and you’re guests will be having.

  • If there is waiting around, do you have a drink station ready?
  • If your event is tented, can you bring in fans and coolers?
  • For an uncovered ceremony, maybe misters are a great idea.
  • For a private event, like a wedding or party, consider a later start time so the temps cool down as the night progresses.

Being thorough about planning is the best way to prevent any sour experiences. We want your summer event to be a smash!

Thinking you might want some expert help? We’re ready! Not only do we offer traditional planning and coordination, but we also have started offering Hourly Consulting! Expert ideas & resources at a lower price point!

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