January 10, 2022

Micro Weddings are Here to Stay!

Micro Weddings & Mini-Monies really had their moment to shine in 2020, didn’t they? With larger gatherings postponed or cancelled, small, intimate celebrations became the norm. And honestly… we loved them. It felt so sweet to be a part of these tiny moments with only the most important people attending.

And today we’re here to tell you, Micro Weddings aren’t going anywhere!

Trust us, there are so many pros to having a smaller wedding that these types of events are sure to stick around for quite a while. Let’s explore a little more about why Micro Weddings are so popular and have this staying power!

Small Wedding = Smaller Price Tag

When you’re talking benefits of a smaller event, the biggest impact is going to be on the price tag! It’s no secret that the fewer people you have attend an event, the further your budget goes. A $20,000 wedding for 150 people will look vastly different than a $20,000 wedding for 35 people.

A smaller guest list gives you the opportunity to splurge more on food, décor, flowers, or the high-end vendors you’ve always dreamed about having on your wedding day!

Everywhere is Your Venue

Another huge plus for Micro Weddings is the fact that with a very small guest list, you can host your celebration in so many more places! Beautiful parks, gardens, restaurants, or even a private home or backyard become viable options with tiny events.

Of course, you’ll always want to make sure to discuss your needs and event with the owner/business of the location but many places are extremely amenable with smaller guest counts.

This also helps even more with your budget! If you don’t have to spend a huge amount on a large venue to host a large guest list, there is even more available for fun stuff!

Quick Note! It also bears mentioning, that you should always disclose that your event is a wedding and not just a general gathering or party! A lot of vendors have different standards and protocols for weddings to ensure everything is executed to the highest quality. It is never okay to pass off a wedding as a birthday party or general gathering! Don’t put yourself or your vendors in that situation!

Micro Weddings are Ultra-Romantic

We’re definitely not saying a wedding of 200-300 guests isn’t romantic, but there is just something about the intimacy of just immediate friends and family celebrating your love together over a good meal that is beyond special.

With a Micro Wedding, you’ll spend much more time with those loved ones as opposed to spending your entire reception seeing every guest for only a few fleeting minutes.

Each special moment is magnified.

Micro Wedding Trends

So, what are we seeing more of in Micro Weddings and Mini-Monies these days?

Definitely more modern and minimal styles.

  • For aesthetic, picture clean lines, geometric shapes, more candle light than flowers.
  • For fashion, we love shorter dress styles and gowns with minimal silhouettes.
  • For décor, err on the side of minimalism. You don’t really need favors, programs, or any of those extraneous products that come with traditional weddings. You make the rules!

What do you think about Micro Weddings and Mini-Monies? Are you planning one of your own? We’ve got a package specially designed for that! Check out all the details here.

Photos by Maggie Marguerite Studio

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