May 3, 2021

Wedding and Event Safety in 2021

Events are coming back and we literally could *not* be more excited! We are so ready to make beautiful events and feel those warm-tingly feelings again! That being said, safety is our #1 focus! Today, we’re going to be sharing some of our top Wedding and Event Safety tips for 2021 and beyond. Let’s celebrate and stay safe!

We’re going to break down our top tips into three major components: Setting expectations for guests, safely serving food & beverage, and making it easy to socially distance with event flow. Let’s go!

Set Expectations

The key to keeping people safe and healthy is going to be making expectations known and enforcing them.

  • Start with plenty of signage and instructions. They can be beautifully branded and lighthearted, but they should inform the guests about what safety measures are in place and how each guest can contribute to that goal.
  • Make sanitizing simple! Providing safety elements such as masks, sanitizer, wipes, etc. is a perfect way to encourage safety. Again, don’t miss an opportunity to make this part of the experience! Set up a beautiful Sanitization Station with a cute sign and some florals. It doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian!
  • Hiring diligent staff to keep common areas disinfected. This is particularly important for corporate events where you may be using the same space several times for several different audiences (such as break out sessions or different speaker presentations). Having dedicated staff to sanitize between uses will keep your attendees safe throughout your event.

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

It’s not an event without food & drink! Embrace unique ways of displaying & serving to create an experience that is as safe as it is unique.

  • Consider single serve options for desserts & drinks. This could be an opportunity to showcase a unique treat or local favorite. Think locally made sodas, mini champagne bottles, single cartons of popcorn or even cotton candy. The options here are limitless and can provide a cute station for guests to grab and go as they enjoy the event!
  • For food service, plated dinners or stations are great options to keep people from congregating in a buffet line and exposing food to open spaces. Stations can also help with event flow which we will talk about next!

Go With the Flow

The most crucial element to really any event, but especially now, is considering the flow of your event. How will people move throughout the space? What areas might be rushed all at once? (hello, bar after wedding ceremony!) How can we alleviate some of the high-traffic areas to maintain distance?

  • The key here is to have a plan and to mentally walk through the entire event concentrating on where people will gather. For example, with weddings, common areas include ceremony, cocktail hour, bars, food areas, and dance floor.
  • Instead of having large seating arrangements, embrace smaller, more intimate set ups like mini lounges, smaller chair groupings, café tables, etc. This will encourage more movement around the venue and limit larger gatherings.
  • Utilize your vendor team to keep things moving. (Your DJ/Emcee, your planner, your catering team, etc.) You’ve hired pros, so let them give you their expertise when it comes to logistics. We have been adapting and getting creative with event guidelines and restrictions and we know what can work. Trust your team and you’ll have a wonderful experience.

Rest assured, Team NOVA is right be your side! We bring the expertise to walk you through the planning process with a smile on your face! Let us handle the logistics so you can enjoy the process.

Ready to start planning? Let’s talk!!

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